Spring 2021

Crane Report – August 7, 2021. There are no cranes reported in the San Luis Valley at this time. We expect the fall migration to start sometime in September and last thru mid-October. Check out our maps to see where to find cranes during that time.

We hope to have on-the-ground events again in March 2022. However, this will depend on the COVID virus situation and the policies of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife/Refuge policies that are in place at the time. Please check back for more information in November. Ticket sales will go live on January 1, 2022

Here’s a trailer from our 2020 online event.

ONLINE Festival Trailer

Help on where to view cranes, lodging, and dining

Open click on the image to find maps and viewing times.


March 19&20th, 2021 Craft Fair

if you are interested in attending please email chamber at chamber@montevistachamber.org

The Swoop of Cranes is a community art and city beautification project. Citizens and businesses can sponsor a 5-foot steel crane silhouette that will be changed from a steel blank to an artist’s creative rendition.  The completed rendition will be attached to light poles in town from March through August.

The Swoop of the Cranes

What Makes the Monte Vista Crane Festival so Unique?

You can enjoy thousands of Sandhill Cranes, ducks, and geese flying against a backdrop of mountain scenery. Raptors will adorn the power poles and owls will be sitting with their young. A visit to the Monte Vista Crane Festival is an opportunity to see an amazing natural spectacle as well as experience a unique rural community.

The festival is a collaborative effort by: