Old 2017 Keynote Speaker

Saturday night keynote speaker 7:30pm Vali 3 Theatre:


Colorado’s diverse fauna is the inspiration for Radeaux, an artist based in Pueblo. Radeaux spends many hours in the field studying birds and other animals. When he returns to the studio, he paints what he has seen in his unique style, a combination of detail and restraint, repetition and rhythm. The images he produces are not merely idealized illustrations but also explore the patterning and geometrics found in nature. Radeaux’s art features spatial relationships and comparisons to stylized depictions of nature from various cultures. Radeaux is a veteran of many art exhibits and has provided illustrations for a variety of publications including the recently published Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas.

Radeaux will present a program of images that spans a 40-year career of painting Colorado’s fauna. The program shows the development of his unique style and contains anecdotes about Colorado ornithology and natural history. Elements of the history of animal imagery from the dawn of man to 19th century quilt patterns of birds are part of his program. Radeaux is the illustrator of the recently published Second Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas. He will sign copies of the bird atlas following his presentation.

He is owner of The John Deaux Art Gallery, 221 S. Union Ave., in Pueblo.

To see his art work, go HERE

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