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Saturday 3-4pm Talk: 3D tour of San Luis Valley Geology РVali 3 Theatre (Donation requested)

The San Luis Valley is an unusual place that becomes more interesting as one learns about it. Its features from the broad flat floor to the drastically different mountains surrounding it are all the result of different geologic forces that act upon the area. Thanks to a 2011 laser mapping project by the US Geological Survey, we now have a very accurate topography of the San Luis Valley to show the 3-dimensional evidence of these forces. So come learn about how the San Luis Valley formed and the next time you look upon it, you’ll know the story behind the scenery.


Andrew Valdez is a native of Capulin, CO (a small town south of the Monte Vista NWR) and graduated from Adams State College with a geology degree. He has worked at Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve for 25 years. At the dunes, he collects data on the physical environment that helps understand processes that form the dunes and meet water rights obligations. He also works with other researchers to better understand things such as how dunes on Mars develop and how dunes here on Earth start off as just sand and organizes itself into a dune.