Elephant Rocks Tour Info

Ryan Michelle Scavo

Elephant Rocks is a 378-acre natural area at the base the San Juan Mountains in the San Luis Valley, managed by Bureau of Land Management. This expert-led tour takes you to see the area’s unique boulder formations, named by a former governor’s wife who thought they looked like elephants from a distance. You’ll learn about the landscape’s violent geologic history, dating back to one of Earth’s largest volcanic eruptions some 28 million years ago. And you’ll learn about the area’s plants, animals and human history. But most of all, you’ll get to experience the profound silence as you stand amongst the massive boulders. Perhaps the caws of pinon jays will pierce the silence or the chirps of rock squirrels. And if you’re very still, perhaps you’ll imagine the voices of the ancient peoples who came before.

 Wear cold-appropriate clothing (hat, gloves, winter coat, warm shoes, etc.). Bring binoculars, water and snacks if desired. A Portapotti will be available.