Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do a tour to see the cranes?  

No, you don’t have to do a tour. You are welcome to drive your self around, all the usual access to the refuge is available this weekend. There are crane viewing guides in the Kiosk at the entrance to the tour loop on the refuge. Come by the Ski Hi Complex festival information booth, and we can give you information. It will be open Friday 10-4: 30 pm, Saturday 8-4:30  and Sunday 9-2.  The cranes are usually in the valley between late February through mid-April.

Does my child need a ticket?

Children 5 and under do not need a ticket.


Sorry, we don’t do a waitlist. You are welcome to come and stand in the "Standby" line, and if there are cancelations, you might load. Please have appropriate cash. The line forms on a first come, first served basis.

Is there an entrance fee for the Craft/Nature Fair?

Entrance to the Craft/Nature fair is free.

Are dogs allowed? 

No dogs (except qualified service dogs) allowed on the bus tours, theatre events or at the Craft/Nature Fair.

Where are my tickets? 

Paper copy(ies) of your ticket(s) are attached to the confirmation email you will receive after purchasing tickets. The attachment looks like 55555555-55555555-tickets.pdf. Please print the tickets and bring them with you. Or you can open the pdf on your phone and we will scan it. Or you can save the tickets on your Eventbrite account and we will scan them from your phone.

Why is there a charge for the tours?  

Our most significant expense for the festival is transportation costs. While the local school district supports the festival, we still have to pay fuel costs and bus driver salaries. So if you go on a tour, we ask you to pay a small fee. If you can also donate to support the festival, that would be wonderful. You can donate on our website.