2022 Festival Information

Cranes. Towering, snowcapped peaks. Small-town hospitality.

The 2022 Monte Vista Crane Festival

The Migration

20,000 or so greater Sandhill Cranes and a few thousand Lesser Sandhills. Besides the cranes there are thousands of waterfowl, numerous wintering bald eagles and other raptors that highlight the wildlife viewing.

The Mountains

The towering peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains serve as the backdrop to this epic migration. Golden fields and snow-covered ridge lines provide endless opportunities for photography enthusiasts.

The People

Experience the small-town hospitality of Monte Vista and the San Luis Valley. 

Photo by Arrow Myers
Photo by Arrow Myers
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Craft & Nature Fair

The Monte Vista Crane Festival isn’t all about Sandhill Cranes. Sure, the long-legged birds are a big tourist draw. But people also love the festival’s longstanding craft and nature fair.

Festival-goers can find treasures handcrafted by local artisans, from delicately-painted wood carvings of birds to handmade jewelry, quilts, and wildlife art. (70 vendors in 2017)

Vendors email: chamber@montevistachamber.org

Phone: 719-852-2731

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