Grain for Cranes

Speaker: Max Ciaglo

Description: The San Luis Valley of Colorado is an important and vulnerable bottleneck for Sandhill Cranes during their migration. While stopped in this valley Sandhill Cranes subsist almost entirely on waste barley that is left on private farm fields after harvest. The Grain for Cranes program is a partnership between Colorado Open Lands, The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Miller Coors that is working with private barley growers to manage this vital resource for Sandhill Cranes. Come learn about the history of Sandhill Cranes and barley production in Colorado, and how our program is working to ensure that Cranes will always migrate through this mountain valley.

Bio: Max Ciaglo grew up on the front range of Colorado where he fell in love with the state’s unique landscapes and natural heritage. He graduated from Colorado College in 2014 with BAs in mathematics and ecology. During college, he fell in love with ecological fieldwork while working with Flammulated Owls in Colorado’s montane forests. After five years he was finally able to quit his owl addiction and is now working with Sandhill Cranes and private landowners in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.