Hawks Aloft Returns

Hawks Aloft Returns

MVCF welcomes Hawks Aloft back to the 40th Anniversary Festival

After a forced hiatus from recent crane festivals due to COVID restrictions, we are very pleased to announce that Hawks Aloft will once again be bringing their Avian Ambassadors to this year's Crane, Craft and Nature Fair.

Hawks Aloft, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that works to conserve indigenous wild birds and their habitats through avian research, conservation education, raptor rescue, and cooperation with other organizations.

This year, Hawks aloft plans to bring a total of 13 birds to their booth at the Craft and Nature fair: two Swainson's hawks,  two Red-tail hawks, two Western Screech-Owls, two American Kestrels, one Turkey Vulture, one Prairie Falcon, one Mexican Spotted Owl, and one Great Horned Owl.

Make sure to plan a visit to Ski Hi on Saturday or Sunday for a chance to meet and learn these beautiful birds up close. Hawks Aloft will also be leading bus tours on Saturday and Sunday to find and see raptors in our area.