zold Crane Festival March 10-12, 2017

Photography Contest is closed. Come vote for your favorite of the finalists at the Craft/Nature Fair.


It will be a weekend of mountain scenery and thousands of crane, ducks and geese in the air.  Raptors will adorn the power poles and owls will be sitting with their young.  Here’s what you can do:  (Full Schedule here and links to registration (all tours are now full)


1. Keynote speaker Radeaux, Pueblo artist and Colorado I & II Illustrator will share his unique art and illustrations. Saturday night 7:30 Vali 3 Theatre.  (see times and location on SCHEDULE.
Register here
2. Take a sunrise or sunset tour of the Monte Vista Refuge to see the cranes, go on a tour the Great Sand Dunes National Park, take a guided tour to Penitente Canyon . (see times and location on SCHEDULE.
Photo Courtesy of Ed MacKerrow
3. Take a one day photography workshop with professional photographer Ed MacKerrow. (Fee to cover costs, profits donated to festival. REGISTRATION)

4. Attend a presention about local wildlife: Elk on the refuge, Cinammon Teal, or Breeding Birds in Colorado (Free, seats available on first-come, first-served basis.  (see times and location on SCHEDULE.

5. Friday night movie, Hoot, (see times and location on SCHEDULE.

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For more information, call the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce at 719-852-2731.  For media requests, contact mvcfpub@gmail.com.