Keynote Speaker

Kurt Skinner, aka Teddy Roosevelt’s “I So Declare It!”: Theodore Roosevelt’s Conservation Crusade For America.   

TR imprinted his love of the natural world onto America – as “wilderness warrior” President, he fought for our national treasures and left a legacy of federal resource conservation and wildlife protection. 

Bio: Retired military officer-turned high school U.S. history teacher in Colorado Springs, Kurt Skinner is a life-long student of history. His own students would testify to the fact that it’s important for him to “get it right” as regards historical accuracy. Theodore Roosevelt’s presence looms large in his classroom curriculum and daily thoughts; in his performances as TR, he wants to honor this man that he so admires. His goal in the persona of TR is to engage, entertain, and enlighten audiences, and remind us, speaking TR’s own words, what has always been great about Teddy Roosevelt’s America. Kurt is a member of the Theodore Roosevelt Association, the American Legion, the American Association of Educators, and the Colorado Humanities Speakers Bureau.