The Lasting Impact of Sandhill Cranes

We wanted to share an email we recently received from one of our donors, Robert Krattli. Robert’s story is indicative of the generational relevance of the San Luis Valley’s Sandhill Crane migration, and the lasting impact of the Monte Vista Crane Festival.

I am originally a Colorado boy, having attended Adams State when it was still  "College".  I am now 82 years old, and have spent most of my professional career working overseas in several countries including Russia, France, and Austria. Today, I live with my wife in Montenegro, where we chose to "retire", although both of us are still active in the family business.

I have a grown daughter in Golden who regularly brings her grandchildren to the Sandhill Crane festivals. I am also proud to have a granddaughter who lives with with her husband and 4 wonderful daughters in Monte Vista, and regularly participates in the Festival.  

This past Spring was my first attendance at the Festival, and I was greatly impressed by the organization—we attended the primer lecture—and the attendance, including many people from distant states.

An interesting anecdote:  Two weeks after our participation in the Festival, I was with my wife in a large department store in London (Harrods), and while she shopped, I wandered. In an area where expensive glass and ceramic sculptures were on display, I spotted a large ceramic crane, with a red-feathered cap on its head. I stopped to tell the salesman that I was impressed to see a Sandhill Crane in his shop, and he thanked me profusely for identifying the bird, about which he previously had no idea. 

I think you can count on our family as regular participants in future Sandhill events.

We hope you enjoyed Robert’s story, and please stay tuned…we are planning a Crane Fest Story Contest for this fall!