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Instead of driving on snowy roads, you can watch from the comfort of your own home. You will see current videos of cranes on the refuge along with professional videos of people and cranes in the valley, featured speakers, and beautiful photos.

The buy a ticket button will take you to the Quido website where you will create an account and buy the ticket. On March 12, 7 pm MT you will log into your Quido account and watch the program.

Watercolor by Elizabeth Tsang
ONLINE Festival Trailer

 Our main feature is a slide show by professional photographer Ed MacKarrow. Our keynote speaker is Sandra Knoll, and her talk is “Cranes of the World.” The entire presentation is about 2 hours long. Once you have a ticket, you can watch it with live chat on March 12, 7 pm MST, or from March 13-17, you can watch it all or portions at your leisure.

After thoughtful consideration, the Monte Vista Crane Festival planning committee has decided to cancel the bus tours and local public events for the 2021 Crane Festival in Monte Vista due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Instead, we invite you to join us for an online crane festival.

The refuge is open and will be open while the cranes are in the San Luis Valley.  If you do visit the valley we ask you to socially distance yourself and wear your mask, the things you have been doing to keep yourself and others around you healthy.  If you have any questions, please email us at or leave a message at 719-289-7522.

We look forward to engaging our community for the 2022 festival with events at the Vali 3 Theater, the brand-new Ski Hi Event/Conference Center, and bus tours to the refuge and other local attractions. 

Thank you for your understanding.~Monte Vista Crane Festival Committee