Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at the Monte Vista Crane Festival

Do you love spending time outdoors? Getting a front-row seat to witness amazing displays of natural beauty and wildlife while learning about one of the San Luis Valley's most famous species: the sandhill crane? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then the Monte Vista Crane Festival would like to invite you to join us as a volunteer for the 40th Anniversary of the Monte Vista Crane Festival, March 8-10, 2024.

What you'll get

  • Witness Firsthand

    the incredible natural spectacle of the sandhill crane migration in the San Luis Valley while learning all about the cranes, their habitat and how we can help ensure they continue visiting our valley well into the future.

  • Share the Joy

    of hundreds of eager crane viewers enjoying the birds, the beauty of the SLV, and the utter perfection of the March weather. (Okay, maybe just the first two things...)

  • Free tickets

    to any Monte Vista Crane Festival morning or evening crane tour, or any of the speakers/special presentations, including the keynote address and film premiere! 

  • A Fabulous Shirt

    guaranteed to make you the object of intense jealousy amongst your birding friends. Or bird friends. Or just friends. Or all of the above!

  • Satisfaction

    ...knowing you have helped a local festival that contributes to the survival of sandhill cranes in the San Luis Valley as well as the local economy.

What you'll be doing

While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the possiblities for volunteering during the 2023 festival:

  • Staff the Refuge offices at the Alamosa and Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuges for the weekends before, during and after the spring Crane Festival. Duties will include greeting the public and answering questions about the Sandhill Cranes, the refuges, and other local visitor opportunities.
  • Bus Tour Assistants — assist in loading tour buses, help tour speaker with the audio equipment, and general help during the tour. You get to go on the tour for free!
  • Information Booth — staff the Crane Festival information booth at Ski Hi Complex during the festival weekend. You would answer questions about the events, help people navigate to events, and pass out brochures and maps.
  • Crane Festival Merchandise Sales — assist in the sales of t-shirts, cards, and stickers to benefit the Crane Festival and keep it coming back year after year.
  • Speaker Assistant- volunteers will help check tickets, sell tickets and assist the speakers. You also get to enjoy the speaker’s presentation for free!